pimJS - PBR Materials

Left click = rotate spheres, Right click = rotate lights, Mousewheel = zoom.

Quixel MegaScans Materials

The Quixel MegaScans library contains a huge selection of super high quality PBR calibrated scanned materials. pimJS can render those with a variety of features, be sure to zoom in and examine the displacement detail and shadows on the coal material.

  • PBR specular workflow
  • local raymarching for displacements
  • height map shadows
  • Size : 11 mb.

Andrew Maximov’s Cerberus

A reference PBR model that you can find versions of in many different engines.

  • PBR metalness workflow
  • Lossless normal map
  • Size : 14 mb.

pimJS material chart.

Horizontal axis displaying roughness, vertical axis displaying metalness.

  • PBR metalness workflow
  • size : 5 mb.

Georgian Avasilcutei’s jwar, eomer and geralt.

  • PBR metalness workflow
  • Lossless normals
  • Sizes : 11 mb, 15mb, 18mb.
Written on April 11, 2017