pimJS - Packaging 3D content for the web.

  • Single HTML file : 10mb, including all images, code, 3D objects.

The pimJS 3D engine comes with a packaging tool that allows you to produce a single-page fast-loading protected html experience. We’ve used a variety of interesting techniques to be able to embed images, videos, sounds and 3D resources while retaining high speed loading both on desktop and mobile.

The model in the demo is the beautiful “Rolex PBR/IBL by Ben Houston”, the IBL map used is from the excellent sIBL archives.

Mouse click and wheel interactivity is added using the pimJS nodeflow editing system, building the above demo took exactly 117 seconds. Proof of that bold statement in the video below ..

Want to go take a look ? you can find JimmyRig here : http://jr.enki.ws

Written on April 5, 2017