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The Galculator can be forked on github

It works great on your phone - full screen if you add it to your homescreen.

Example in C :

Calculate (3+2i)*(1+4i)

Example in D

Calculate the value of the function and first derivative at x=3


Example in spacetime M

You see two simultaneous lightning strikes in 10 microseconds, one where you are, one 20 km in the x-direction.
Are these events simultaneous for a spaceship flying at 0.5c in the x-direction? (given : atanh(0.5)=0.5493)

Example in PGA 2D (2,0,1)

Solve the system of equations :

  • x+y-0.5=0
  • 2x-1y=0

  • Enki's GAlculator